Eastern Lightning|The Church of Almighty God | Christian Music “The Creator’s Authority Never Changes”

God is with authority and power; they are real, not merely words

Eastern Lightning ,The Church of Almighty God,Almighty God

The Church of Almighty God | God Is Great | Christian Song “God’s Perfect Care Over All”

As the gospel of the kingdom of Almighty God spread rapidly in Mainland China, the Church of Almighty God came into being. As proven by facts, the Church of Almighty God came into being entirely as a result of God’s work of the last days, and was not established by any man. This is because the chosen people in the Church of Almighty God pray in the name of Almighty God, obey His work, and accept all the truths expressed by Him.

Almighty God,the Church of Almighty God,Eastern Lightning

The Church of Almighty God | Almighty God Uses His Word to Save Man “The Main Purpose of God’s Work in the Flesh” (Music Video)

If God only spoke utterances from the heavens and didn’t practically come to earth, man would never know God. They would just convey God’s deeds with hollow theories, but would never have God’s words as reality. God comes to earth to set an example and serve as a model for those He will gain. In this way, man can come to know God, touch God, and see God in a practical way. And only in this way can he truly be gained by God.

Eastern Lightning ,The Church of Almighty God,Almighty God

The Church of Almighty God | A Hymn of God’s Words “True Meaning of Faith in God”

So many people believe, but so few understand what faith in God really means, what they need to do to beat with God’s heart. So many know the word “God,” know phrases like the “work of God,” but they don’t know Him, nor what He really does. No wonder their faith is blind. They’re not serious about this because it’s unfamiliar and strange. So they are far short of God’s demands.